Mustangs News · Q and A with Boys Varsity Soccer

“What can you take away from his game being that it was your first lost of the season?”

Jaeda Flores

Samuel Garcia

Lucas Esqueda

“I mean its difficult to really accept the fact that it took a loss to bring us back to earth. It is a situation we put ourselves in. Our squad is unbelievable, but we need to show that. We have to pick our heads up and take on our next challenge which is Hillsdale. I have confidence in my team that we can learn from this and grow from here”

  • Guero Esquivel


“This L against Terra Nova was hard for me and the team to take in but it was definitely a wakeup call for us to grind even harder so we can stay in 1st place”

  • Jose Chavolla


“To take one game at a time and to work 110 times harder than we ever did before”

  • Chris Medina