Girls Varsity Tennis Fall · Capuchino Girls Tennis Sports Report

The Capuchino Mustangs Varsity tennis team won 6-1 against Mills on October 2, 2018. All three of Capuchino’s doubles teams beat Mills and three out of the four Capuchino singles teams won.


In the first set all of the Mustang’s three doubles teams won, while only two singles teams won. all of the Mustang’s doubles teams won both the first and second sets adding three wins. Than three other singles players won both the first and second sets leaving only one singles player to have been beat by Mills.


Mustangs Coach Keith said he was proud of how everyone played and how everyone fought hard to win because the first time the Mustangs played Mills, Mills won.

“It was a very exciting game and inspired me to want to tryout for Capuchino’s tennis team next year,” said April Tuason from the audience.

Singles player Nicole said Mills was missing a key player which caused everyone from their team to have to play up.


Going into more detail Capuchino’s teams first set scores were, Singles 1: 6-0, Singles 2: 3-6, Singles 3: 6-3, and Singles 4: 11-9, which went into overtime. For doubles the first set scores were 1: 6-3, 2: 6-4, and 3: 6-2. Then for the second set singles scores were 1. 6-4, 2. 2-6, 3. 7-5, and 4. 6-4. With these scores Cap won 3 games. Then as for doubles the second set scores were 1. 6-2, 2. 6-1, and 3. 6-2, which caused Cap to win 3 more games, ultimately winning overall. During the game Capuchino was spiking balls right at Mills players causing Mills to be unable to return the ball. Until next season Mills.

Article by: Harlee Ahuna