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Mustangs are rained out for PAL Meet 3

By Lauren Valles

October 31st, 2016

Puddles. Puddles of not sweat, but rain this past Thursday.

Our Capuchino Mustangs were scheduled to compete in PAL #3 at Crystal Springs this past Thursday, but sadly were rained out by incoming storms.

Instead of taking a day off like most of the other teams in PAL, the Mustangs shrugged off the loss of practicing at Crystal Springs, laced up their shoes, and mentally prepared themselves for a hard day of work to replace the blood, sweat, and tears of racing at Crystal Springs.

Their practice? A 20 minute tempo run. Mustangs are tasked with running as many track laps as they can in 20 minutes. It doesn’t seem like much, but the expectation of a tempo run is the most intense pace one can handle.

If your chest isn’t heaving in and out, if your mouth isn’t dry, if your arms aren’t pumping at the speed of light, you’re not putting in work.

Tempo runs are typically run 2 to 3 times a season. The first try occurs in the second week of the season to gage the strength of each runner. The second occurs relatively later to see how much each runner has improved throughout the season.

This year, every single member of the Capuchino Cross Country Team improved their count of laps. Sophomore Lulu Chavarria, in particular, began the season with 9 and ¾ laps, and ended Thursday’s practice with 11 laps. That means she’s gotten ¼ mile faster, about a 2 minute subtraction from the average time at Crystal Springs.

As a Varsity runner, her improvement will contribute the team’s overall times at Crystal Springs, and their overall goal of qualifying for CCS- a feat Capuchino hasn’t accomplished since the last century.

Junior Julia Cordero described her feelings about the meet being canceled and gaining another day of practice: “The disappointment I felt in hearing our meet was canceled was a good thing because it made me push myself harder in practice that day.”

Her statement embodies the mindset of the Capuchino Cross Country Mustangs.

No meet? No problem.