Coed Varsity Cross Country · Conquering Cougar Hill

Mustangs complete the heights of Half Moon Bay for PAL Meet #2

By Lauren Valles

October 18th, 2016

“The feeling when you finish a math test,” were the exact words Junior Spencer Heikel used to describe conquering Cougar Hill, the notorious uphill battle of Half Moon Bay High School’s PAL course. Every step equaling a problem finished, every breath in and out equal to boxing your answer- the incredibly steep Cougar Hill definitely resembles the difficulty of a math test.

In addition to Cougar Hill, the Half Moon Bay course begins at a grass start behind the school’s baseball field, a track lap, tour through HMB’s “Rabbit City” of less trying uphill, back to the track, up Cougar Hill, and one last turn through Rabbit City to finish at the 50-yard-line of the school’s CCS Champion Football Field.

The meet was incredibly successful for the Mustangs, with multitudes of PRs (Personal Records) for returning students and incredible revelation about the team’s status this year- with their current performances, both Boys and Girls Varsity have a chance to make it to CCS as a team this year, which has never been done in the history of Capuchino High School. If the boys do succeed as a team, this would be a back to back visit for the Mustangs, another feat that has yet to be accomplished in Capuchino History.

When asked how she felt about running the Half Moon Bay course, and more specifically the huge monster of PAL, Cougar Hill, Freshman Lulu Chavarria replied, “I felt defeated already, but once I started going, it wasn’t as bad as I thought.”

Lulu’s words speak to not only Half Moon Bay and its Cougar Hill, but the Cross Country season itself. Two meets into the PAL regular season, runners have developed a certain tolerance, and even love, for running miles and miles and miles in the name of team spirit. Running forever and ever and ever, to them, is not as bad as it seemed before.

With every step, this year’s Cross Country team experiences the excitement that comes with maintaining a pace, the bliss of the downhill, and the satisfaction of reaching the top of the league’s largest peaks- like Cougar Hill.

“Cross Country, it’s one hill of a sport” and don’t you forget it.

Catch the Mustangs this Wednesday (10/19) at the Center Meet at the Crystal Springs Cross Country Course.